We Need You

As part of our research and development of Free to Stay, a new play about belonging, we are asking what identity means to YOU. Please take a few minutes to record yourself (voice only) answering one or all of these four questions and send your answers via our website or to displaceyourselftheatre@gmail.com

The recording does not need to be high quality, through your phone will be more than good enough, we just want to hear your honest opinions!
(There’s a chance we’d like to use short extracts of your recorded answers in our final show -no names will be mentioned- If you’d rather keep it between us, please say so in the email).
Our audiences are a huge part of our show’s development, and every contribution gives us a wider understanding on these difficult issues we’re exploring. We really appreciate your support (and we will buy you a coffee/drink next time we see you)! Thank you!

1) Tell us about a time you felt as though you didn’t belong.
2) Can you give us details of a journey you made/ are making (all interpretations welcome- this can be emotional, physical or spiritual).
3) Can you describe a fear you have and (if you know), how it developed.
4) What does nationality mean to you?

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