Interested in working with us? We’re at a very exciting time and are currently looking for people with interest and skills in the following areas to join us on our creative ventures:


Technical Collaborator

We are seeking a suitably experienced collaborator(s) to work with us to advance our model of small-scale theatre presentation, wherein the tech elements of our work are operated remotely, linked to timed movements of the performers.  The work will be focused towards our production FREE TO STAY (touring autumn 2017). We are expecting this person will be needed for at least 2-3 days between 15th Sept- 23rd Sept.

This is an ongoing area of development for the Company and we are keen to begin a dialogue with people with an interest and expertise in this area.  We are open to working with one, or with a number of Collaborators with experience in and ability to advise around:


Adapting a single projection design to be suitable for a number of spaces

Programming and operation of QLab

Suitability of equipment/ technologies to meet the ongoing creative requirements of the Company in this area

Use of Remote Sensors

Within the current Production we have implemented a model where a number of sound and LX cues are triggered by the performers onstage using a hand-held remote control.  We are interested in the use of remote sensor pads (that recognise specific choreographed movements) so that control of these cues remains ‘in the hands’ of the performers onstage. We are seeking a Collaborator with experience in this, or similar types of, technology to work with us to help achieve this.

We will be developing Free to Stay at Theatre in the Mill Bradford so please be prepared to travel.
A suitable fee is available for this role and happy to discuss helping with travel if coming from outside of Yorkshire  – contact Mike to find out more or for an informal chat- / 07949154514