Theatre that’s wild, tender and always includes you…

Displace Yourself Theatre is a Bradford based touring theatre company.

We use the power of theatre to explore intercultural connectivity and tell stories. Inspired by shared experiences of displaced and excluded communities, we encourage audiences to think about how we can all be active in improving the wellbeing of our society.

Displace Yourself Theatre has three elements to their work, each interconnecting with each other to create a unique model:


We are passionate about addressing the barriers that prevent people accessing the arts.


We regularly work with displaced and socially excluded people to share skills and grow our creative voices together.


Creativity plays a vital role in everything we do and supports the health and wellbeing of our team and our members.


“Do not be sceptical about this company: Eden delivered everything it promised and more. It’s a powerful show that tackles society’s approach to homelessness in a refreshing way, wrapped up in a futuristic world conjured up through movement, sound and lighting. Expect the highest production values, precision performances and a subtle spotlight turned on the way we treat each other.”

Annabel Turpin, ARC Stockton Arts Centre

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