“A company that combines precise physicality, an engaging and highly accessible performance style and a developed political consciousness.”

We are a Bradford-based devising theatre company that use the power of live performance to promote global equality and are committed to working towards dissolving the barriers that divide us.  We Experiment with different ways our audiences experience theatre, and Investigate how we can work collectively to challenge and diversify the art culture in the UK.

Expect projection, live performers, minimal props and precise energetic movement scores that disobey traditional theatre conventions.

At the heart of our productions lies a thorough and intimate process of devising – working in collaboration with the people who have direct experience of the themes of the work; providing a platform for under-represented communities to use theatre as a way to have their voices heard. We believe everyone has the right to express themselves and be heard, we are committed to making this happen through Creating Together. Everyone is welcome.

We believe that by working to create vigorous and challenging productions, we can provide a catalyst for change.  

Meet The Team

Company number 10660125

Charity Number 1183481

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