Arts and Wellbeing

We deliver creative activities with Sanctuary Seekers (primarily refugees & asylum seekers) and people with mental ill-health using drama and the arts to boost confidence, develop self-expression, and support mental wellbeing and the processing of trauma. Our regular workshops provide vital care, creativity and inspiration and build a sense of connection and a supportive community for those taking part.

Our work provides people with a regular creative outlet, along with meditation and therapeutic movement exercises that can be done at home without need of significant space or resources that people make part of their daily routine to support mental wellbeing.

Recently we ran a 3-year project delivering monthly full-day creative workshops using arts to support mental health in 5 locations across the UK (Bradford, Stockon-on-Tees, Barnsley, York and Deptford in South London).  Every month over 90 Sanctuary Seekers and displaced and vulnerable people made new friends, gained confidence, accessed their inner artist and felt better.  People told us:

 “This session is my medicine every month. It makes me feel better”

“The meditation and movement very much help my health”

“A safe haven and refuge from life for me”

“The sessions increased my confidence and supported me hugely in my daily life”

“If I were ever to run my own group, I can use the things I’ve learned here. It’s boosted my confidence no end.”

“Creating Together has made me look at life in a different way, as I was suffering from depression.”

“I like coming because everyone gets something out of it and you can pick yourself out of the everyday routine.”

“There’s always something to focus on for yourself, and to find that ‘me time’.”


Creating Together at ARC Stockton –

Here Together at Kala Sangam –

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