Free to Stay

Imagine a world without nationality, where you’re free of labels, utterly transient, without ID documents and don’t belong to the ruling order of any country. Now imagine that same scenario today; no choice about where you live, nowhere to raise a family, no chance of an education, a job, or seeing a doctor when you’re ill… no recognition that you even exist. What if you were one of the 10 million people around the world for whom this is a reality everyday?

Free to Stay is a new play about belonging and an exploration of life without nationality, inspired by months of research with people who have first hand experience of statelessness in the UK and overseas.

Using impulsive movement theatre, striking projection, a powerful soundtrack mixed with personal testimonies and two clowns that didn’t go to clown school, Displace Yourself seek to tell some of the stories of those who feel invisible and ask what community means if you live in a world where everything and everyone is foreign.

Free To Stay


Free to Stay is supported by ACE, The Civic Barnsley, ARC Stockton Arts Centre, Slung Low’s HUB, Theatre in the Mill, Bradford and The Carriageworks Leeds.
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